Who are we?

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The world of data analysis software is fraught with steep learning curves and endless subscriptions. Everything is becoming increasingly complicated and expensive to the point of absurdity. But with your help, we can start to change that.


At RANVIER, we strive to cut through the nonsense by delivering products and services that are more powerful, accessible, and affordable than the alternatives. Whether you’re a business looking for your next innovative leap, a researcher on a mission, or a student developing your skillset, we want to help you succeed with ease.


We currently offer a software product and a client project service:


1. MODELIST is a downloadable software application that runs locally on your machine. It is a multi-purposed data analysis and modeling platform that requires no programming or special expertise. You can purchase a lifetime license to use MODELIST for just $199.

2. BUSINESS SOLUTIONS is our fit-to-purpose data analysis and modeling service. You approach us with the data needs, research ideas, etc. for you or your business. We provide a custom deliverable specific to your goals using our proprietary resources and industry expertise. This service is available upon request on a per-client basis. Pricing and timelines vary by project.


Look, there are a ton of things we could say about the sorry state of product licensing and user-unfriendly experiences that have become the norm. Instead of rambling, we’ll just say the following:


1. We are committed to bringing the power of data analysis and machine learning to everyone.

2. We will not hide these tools behind outrageously high paywalls or require our customers to obtain mountains of knowledge just to use them.

3. We will be receptive to feedback and strive to make our products and services the very best they can be. By that, we mean that we will make them the very best for you.

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Have any questions? We are always open to answer them, discuss our products, or just get your honest feedback about how we can improve and help you.